Healdsburg City Hall Addition and Alterations

City Hall Addition and Alteration Project
Completion – Summer 2018

Utility Billing and the CDC will remain open during regular business hours during construction.

In 2015, staff started researching the feasibility of relocating the Community Development Center (“CDC”) employees, which consist of Public Works and Electric Engineering, as well as Building and Planning. Currently, the space utilized by the CDC no longer accommodates all of the employees and existing working conditions are no longer tolerable. The City pays in excess of $75,000 annually in rent for the current CDC location. Staff released a statement of qualifications, soliciting proposals and experience from qualified firms to design a conceptual plan for a City Hall Remodel. On August 18, 2015, the City Council awarded the agreement to Gelfand Partners Architects. 

After multiple meetings, revised designs and public outreach, the Council on December 19, 2016, adopted a resolution awarding the contract for the construction of the City Hall Addition and Alteration Project to Carr’s Construction Service, Inc. and appropriated the budget in whole. 

The project consists of renovating the existing 9,200 square foot City Hall capitalizing on a surplus of underutilized space, creating a two-story 4,300 square foot addition and associated site improvements as well as exterior repairs. The scope includes holistic renovations to the HVAC and lighting in City Hall to reduce energy use and make City Hall Zero Net Energy Ready.  

Construction was scheduled to begin February 13, 2017 and last about 14 months. The project is phased out with the first phase consisting of relocating the server room.  The Council Chambers was closed from June 20-August 4, 2017, while renovations took place.

Temporary relocation of staff has already begun. Information Services has been relocated to the Corporation Yard; Housing and Human Resources to the CDC; and Finance has moved to the Community Center. The City Manager, Clerk and Utility Billing are projected to remain in the City Hall building during construction. Utility Billing and the CDC will remain open during regular business hours during construction.

The project budget is $6.1 million funded with set-aside capital replacement funds, service funds, and 15-year loans from the electric and wastewater utility funds. There will be no fiscal impact to ratepayers and both utilities will continue to exceed Council adopted reserve policy.

Please contact Assistant City Manager, Heather Ippoliti with any questions or concerns at hippoliti@ci.healdsburg.ca.us 707-431-3319. All calls to be returned in 24 hours.